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Ireland's Leading Fleet of Boutique Vintage Vehicles and Event Management Services.

Offering Superior Services Beyond Compare.

About Us


We are Ireland's leading & authentic boutique vintage vehicle and event management company established since 2009.  We are pioneers within this field and offer a superior service above all others.  With a fleet of H-Vans, Volkswagen Campers, American Step Vans, Piaggio Apes, Vintage Rice Catering Horse Boxes and such a wealth of experience comes a range of highly skilled staff. We can offer everything from Event Managers, Designers, Stylists, Brand Ambassadors through to Chefs, Baristas, Bar Staff and Mixologists, all of which meet Irish Food Safety Standards.  We can also provide you with the option to hire from our vast collection of vintage & antique props, which are all original pieces.


Meet Gertrude (pic to the left), our first baby that triggered our obsession with vintage vehicles!  Like all Citroen H-Vans she originates from France and was born in 1966. 

She was found in a tatty barn on a petite farmyard in Bordeaux. There she lay, silently weeping, heartbroken over her short lived life. ​

She captured our heart and imagination and ​so began the challenging task ahead to restore her to her former glory. We now have a fleet of Citroen H-Van's including a vintage fire engine, Günter, complete with ladder, lights and siren, with this addition and many other classics, our Little Piggy family continues to grow.


The next challenge was deciding on a company name. We knew we wanted something to represent her unique look and stay true to her French roots.​ The Citroen H-Van is well known for it's quirky snub nosed bonnet, in fact the French people recognise it as the  "truck with the pig's snout and nickname it "nez de cochon" which means "pig's snout" and so the company name: LITTLE PIGGY was born!






Our Story


..This LITTLE PIGGY went to the market.

...This LITTLE PIGGY rocked at party.

....This LITTLE PIGGY launched the event.

.....This LITTLE PIGGY frolicked at the festival.

......This LITTLE PIGGY made the wedding wonderful.

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